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Remodel Smart™ Book

The housing market has not completely escaped the treachery of the foreclosure crisis.

According to Realty Trac, 1 in every 69 housing units received at least one foreclosure filing in 2011.

Lenders will finally push foreclosures delayed in 2011 through.

Real estate experts expect a boost in foreclosure and short sale activity in 2012 and beyond.

Many foreclosures will need to be fixed up just to make them livable again.

The number of  ‘money pit’ remodels is expected to increase exponentially.

Remodel Smart™: 6 Steps for Turning a Foreclosure into Your Dream Home presents sound construction management expertise in a style and package that will be appreciated by both first-time homeowners and seasoned investors alike, who aim to spend less in purchasing a home and are not looking to do the work themselves, but are looking to intelligently plan and execute a major remodeling project with authority and confidence.

If you’re interested in purchasing a foreclosure as your primary residence or as an investment, Remodel Smart™: 6 Steps for Turning a Foreclosure into Your Dream Home provides the toolkit you need to successfully navigate a foreclosure remodel and go “green” at the same time to save money and reduce waste.

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