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Remodel Coaching and Consulting

Becoming the next remodeling horror story NOT on your wish list?

The success of your remodeling project lies in making informed decisions throughout the remodeling process.

Renovation Planners can help you avoid remodeling woes through:

1. Remodel Coaching
2. Remodel Consulting

Remodel coaching keeps you on track with continued advice and support by showing you how to avoid the all too common headaches, project delays and budget busting surprises that often go along with a home remodeling project. Remodel coaching is ideal for homeowners that want to manage their remodeling project themselves with guidance along the way.

Remodel consulting provides you with the opportunity to hire a construction manager on an ala-carte basis. Remodel consulting is for homeowners who have general questions or are looking for focused advice on a single topic such as getting clear on your vision and establishing a plan of action, formulating a realistic budget or managing your project during construction.

What’s the difference between remodel coaching and remodel consulting?

Both remodel coaching and remodel consulting involve the use of a skilled, trained construction manager to assist you in achieving your remodeling goals.

Remodel coaching involves guiding you through the remodeling process with you taking on all the action to achieve your remodeling goals and fulfill your dreams. Coaches do none of the work. Remodel consulting, on the other hand, focuses on accomplishing very specific remodeling goals. Consultants take care of specific work for you.

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