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Remodel Education

The 3 “Ds” of Home Remodeling

Decisions – Hundreds of decisions must be made from the initial concept of your project through completion and final sign off.

Details – Thousands of minute details must be handled, weighed and considered, each one affecting the next phase of construction.

Delays – Unless you do the right steps, in the right order, your project will undoubtedly take longer than you ever dreamed, and in construction, delays mean more money out of your pocket.

Do You Really Have The Knowledge To Manage Everything That Has To Be Managed….
Thousands of decisions and details: that’s the reality of a home remodel.

It would take years for you to gain our level of construction knowledge and expertise. However, knowing how the remodeling process works from the contractor’s perspective puts you in a much better position to plan your remodel appropriately, communicate effectively and avoid costly changes, thus staying in control of your timeline and budget.

To book Monica as a remodeling seminar/workshop leader a minimum of three weeks notice is required to meet scheduling requirements.

The fees for this service are negotiable based on specific client criteria and requirements. Out-of-town expenses such as travel fares, hotel accommodations, and meals are the responsibility of the requestor(s).

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