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Success Story 4

Hired to Fix Uncompleted, Improperly Constructed And Unprofessionally Managed Project Started By an Unscrupulous Contractor

Contractor dragged project on and drained clients’ bank account

The Situation

A mother and daughter due purchased an 1100 square foot hillside home, intended to expand it 1500 square feet then sell it.  The contractor gave them a completion time frame of less than a year which was critical since the clients intended to sell the home once a certificate of occupancy was issued.

The project dragged on three years because the contractor did not have a fully dedicated crew of skilled laborers on the project and there was a lack of continuous oversight and management.  Three years and nearly 50% over budget later the client was still trying to get construction issues resolved and was getting no where with the contractor.

The Solution

We were brought in very late in the project to assess the plans, scope of work and workmanship in order to provide clients with a ‘State of the Remodel’ report they could share with the contractor to get unresolved issued resolved. Our assessment revealed a lot of construction defects.

The Results

We provided clients with a list of serious construction defects that were the result of poor design, faulty workmanship or substandard building material.  This information gave the clients the ammunition they needed to share with their contractor and the construction law attorney they hired to help bring closure.

Client comments:

“Hire Monica to evaluate the budget [and schedule] for you. She can tell you if the numbers [and schedule] you are presented with are realistic AND if the contractor in question knows what they’re talking about.  I wish I would have met her before my mom and I began this project.”

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