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Success Story 3

Homeowners Save 40% in Design Fees and 50% in Construction Costs
Contractor’s Estimate Matched Up Closely to Our Realistic Budget

The Situation

After living in their home several years clients encountered a series of home repairs.  Repairs to their in-slab plumbing prompted them to think about bringing their home up to the 21st Century by reconfiguring the floor plan and upgrading their electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems.

They had already engaged the services of a design/build firm to develop a new floor plan.  However, the proposed floor plan just didn’t resonate with them.

The Solution

We began by reviewing the plans the clients had at hand and discovering why the proposed floor plan did not resonate with them. After asking a series of artful questions and listening we were able to determine four key elements that needed to be included in their home – 1. Create a master suite on the opposite side of house to take advantage of the pool/yard view without sacrificing the number of bedrooms and resale value, 2. Change configuration of the kitchen to improve efficiency and flow of space, 3. Anchor the living room with a strong focal element since it is the first room one sees when walking into the home and 4. Create strong curb appeal so the home’s entry was inviting.  We communicated this information to the designer brought on board and presented them with a space plan that aligned with their lifestyle.

Formulating a realistic home renovation budget and determining how to finance a home renovation project are important steps in the home renovation process. Hence, we also developed a conceptual budget for their project and provided clients with access to experienced home loan advisors that objectively discussed their unique needs and presented them with the appropriate home loan options from which to make an informed decision.

The Results

We helped the clients get clear on their vision so it could easily be translated into a design concept.  We also provided them with a value engineered conceptual budget that indicated a savings of at least 40% in design fees and approximately 50% in construction costs (compared to what had been proposed by the design/build firm originally hired).

Client comments:

Thanks for all of your help. It was time well spent. We have a lot of information that we need.”

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